What is a Service Level Agreement (An Example)

A SLA’s number one intention is to set up and manage expectations of clients, accordingly lowering confusion while defining desirable provider.

Below is an example of a Service Level Agreement. Simply replace the bracket information along with your facts.


[Company PBX Department]
[Internal Customers]

Terms on this report:

PBX is an immediate reference to the Private Branch nangs delivery Exchange Department and it’s personnel.
Telecommunications refers to Voice communications and Voice Mail.
Service refers back to the Move, Add or Change of telecommunications sets, fax strains, modems and voicemail programming.
Local Switch refers back to the [Meridian 81C] switch that services the departments at [Company Name].
Distant Switch refers to the outlying [Meridian systems] at [First Location], [Second Location].
Central Office refers to [Bell South].
Internal Customer refers to the employees and departments of [Company Name].
External Customers refers to those individuals or business outside the scope of manipulate of the PBX Department.
Turnaround Time will be considered a terrific faith attempt of the PBX Department and it’s group of workers to remedy a trouble.
Business day shows regular business hours among Monday and Friday, apart from Federal Holidays.

Goal of this Technical Support Service Level Agreement:

The goal of this agreement is to enhance, help and manage our inner purchaser’s telecommunications necessities. A secondary purpose is to pick out response instances, help in our internal purchaser’s success of most skillability and reliability of their telecommunications environments and set forth escalation procedures.

Specific Goal Topics blanketed on this agreement:

– Dependable support for a trendy telecommunications platform for core business departments,
– Response instances to problems, new users, and different service requests,
– Statement of operational hours,
– Reduction in exertions price through standardized call out processes,
– Procedures for escalation of service request and/or outage reviews.

Technical Support Service Level Agreement:

[Company Name]’s Private Branch Exchange Department has identified a fashionable business technique to supplying technical offerings to the numerous departments of [Company Name]. The PBX Department will provide assist, to include; new set installations and services, movement of current telecommunication services, reprogramming of current telecommunications services and protection of current telecommunications services.

This report is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines the scope of assist and the services that [Company Name] customers can anticipate:


The PBX Department will offer technical guide to our internal customers thru the [Pbx call center or trouble desk].

The [Pbx call center or trouble desk] is chargeable for:

– Initial factor of touch for the smartphone questions and troubles
– Issuing trouble tickets,
– Communicating anticipated response time,
– Tracking of carrier/problem price tag.

Hours of Service

8:00am until 5:00pm, Monday via Friday might be the normal hours of carrier. However, if extra coverage is needed outside of these hours, the hours can be accelerated.

Turnaround Times

The following turnaround times for services will be in effect:

New Service at local switch – within 1 commercial enterprise day with nicely submitted requisition.
New Service at remote switch – inside 2 enterprise days with nicely submitted requisition.

Move or Change of carrier at nearby transfer – within 1 commercial enterprise day with proper notification.
Move or Change of carrier at distant switch – inside 2 enterprise days with right notification.

Outage Report at neighborhood switch of non-critical telecommunications* – inside 4 hours on commercial enterprise days. The following Monday if trouble is suggested after 2:00 PM on Fridays.
Outage Report at distant transfer of non-critical telecommunications* – within 6 hours on enterprise days. The following Monday if hassle is mentioned after 2:00 PM on Fridays.

Outage Report at local transfer of crucial telecommunications** – inside 1 hour on a commercial enterprise day. Within 2 hours on non-commercial enterprise days.
Outage Report at distant transfer of crucial telecommunications** – within 2 hours on commercial enterprise days. Within 2 hours on non-commercial enterprise days.

[Indicate your call out procedures here.]

The following moves require scheduled turnaround times.

– Custom programming,
– Telecommunications initiatives.
– Upgrade and patches for software program releases ,
– Software licensing and upkeep,
– PMI’s,
– System backups and upkeep.

Problem Escalation :

Not all issues are emergencies. But the ones issues that aren’t addressed and resolved expediently can grow to be emergencies. After pursuing the same old hassle reporting mechanism via a trouble provider ticket submitted immediately to the [Pbx call center or trouble desk]. The consumer may have a carrier price ticket that can be used to reference the trouble suggested. The consumer can regularly boost emergency problems within the following manner:

– Obtaining approval for escalation from his/her control,
– Communicating a brand new suited reaction time