What are the bad habits of Thai people on the road?

people crossing street

Bad behavior of Thai people that you may be faced on Thailand road

When you enter Thailand to travel to other travel locations, there are many bad behaviors from Thai people on the road that you must know and carefully avoid traffic accidents which lead them to serious injuries, temporary or permanent disability, and casualties  in the worst case. I would warn you for the bad habits of Thailand on the road

Many Thai people cross the road but do not use the crosswalks that are provided. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that exiting far from the desired point or crossing the road instantly is faster and more convenient than utilizing a crosswalk or overpass. Unfortunately, this behavior leads to numerous traffic accidents, making the driver liable if they are hit while crossing the street, even if it is unintentional. However, this is negative behavior and constitutes irresponsible behavior in the eyes of society.

There are many sad news in Thailand according to crossing the road in Thailand such as some people dies because the car hit them. Thailand has numerous crosswalks, yet many people still ignore them. As a result, There are rigorous red signs on Thailand roads to avoid road accidents, meaning that when you drive a car and see this crosswalk sign on Thailand road, you need to stop the automobile immediately. When the people finish crossing the road, you can continue to drive. However, some drivers continue to ignore and hit students in school zones.

Not just the people, but also the driver, have societal duty. Firstly, the driver must properly respect the traffic regulations and the crossing signal. Second, you must promptly stop your automobile if you encounter an emergency situation, even if there is no crosswalk or overpass, such as pregnant women, elderly people, individuals with disabilities crossing the road, and others. Finally, you should avoid blowing your horn at individuals who are crossing since it causes them to worry and panic.

Furthermore, there are numerous accident scenarios in which people are rushing in front of the automobile, making the driver unable to stop or brake the car quickly due to the point-blank distance. People may be directly hit in this situation. Furthermore, it causes serious injuries, incapacity, or death.

This is the bad behavior of Thai people on the Thailand road that you may be faced with when traveling in Thailand. The objective of this article is to warn you and explain to you to know and understand to avoid road accidents. Moreover, if you purchase the car and drive in Thailand, I highly recommend you to purchase car insurance in Thailand, particularly the type 1 voluntary motor insurance  from Rabbit Care since if you hit other Thai people on the road and become liable, the third party liability will be covered. Including the third party bodily injuries and third party property damages which are very safe and excellent for you. Moreover, you can contact the Rabbit Care surveyor to receive roadside assistance all the time. If you are interested, find more information on Rabbit Care website!